What's Available With My Dream Home Plan?

As you go through check out, look for items that can be added to your house plan order (examples below). You should also learn about the many special ways you can customize your plan so it's 100% perfect (click here). If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to call us at: 1-800-447-0027.

Flip Your Plan!

"Mirror reverse" plans simply flip your dream home design 180 degrees (keep in mind, the text will also be flipped). For a minimal fee you can have one or more of your plans shipped mirror reverse, although we recommend having at least one regular set handy. When ordering 5-Set or 8-Set plan packages, one set will always remain in its original form.

A "Right-Reading Reverse" option is also available for many plans. When you choose this option, the design will be reversed and the text will read normally. All sets will be shipped in this format.

The price for a Mirror Reverse starts at $55.
The price for a Right-Reading Reverse starts at $175.


Materials List—Avoid Waste, Save Money

A Materials List helps you to avoid waste, save money, and accurately estimate the cost of your new home. It outlines the quantity, type, and size of materials needed to build your house (with the exception of mechanical system items). Included on the list are framing lumber, windows and doors, kitchen and bath cabinetry, rough and finished hardware, and much more.

The price for a Materials List starts between $85 and $150 (additional lists begin as low as $20 a piece).


Home Furniture Planner

See how a room will fit together without the hassle of moving heavy pieces of furniture. The Home Furniture Planner includes reusable peel-and-stick furniture templates that fit on a 12" x 18" laminated layout board — enough space to plan every room in your house.



Never settle for second best! Dream Home Source is happy to modify your home plan so it meets all of your requirements. Modification options include: adding a room, changing the foundation or framing, getting professional lighting design and audio/video upgrades and "being green." Learn more!


Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Construction Guides

If you want to know more about building techniques — and deal more confidently with your subcontractors — we offer four useful detail sheets with non-plan specific general information that will add to your understanding of these important building topics.

Corresponding Plans

Garage Plans - A large variety of multi-purpose garage plans are available to suit your needs. Create storage for bikes, toys, and outdoor supplies, or build a detached garage for additional parking, with space above for living, working, or playing.

Deck Plans - Many of our homes have a corresponding deck plan, sold separately, which includes a deck plan frontal sheet, deck framing and floor plans, deck elevations, and a deck materials list. A standard deck details package (also available) provides all the how-to information necessary for building any deck. Get both the deck plan and the standard deck details package for one low price in our complete deck building package.

Outdoor Project Plans - Create an outdoor retreat in your yard! We have outdoor project plans that include everything from garden storage and workshops to playhouses and guesthouses. Enhance a pool area with beauty and function by adding a cabana, or build a charming trellis to adorn your garden. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Landscape Plans - We offer many landscape plans to complement your new home. The comprehensive landscape blueprint packages include a frontal sheet, plan view, regionalized plant and materials list, a sheet on planting and maintaining your landscape, zone maps, and a plant size and description guide.

Call us at 1-800-447-0027 to learn more about any of the Corresponding Plans you see above!