Want a greener, more sound-proof, energy-efficient, net-zero home? Think with Logix.

Welcome to Dream Home Source, your online source for the best collection of top designer house plans, home plans, floor plans, and garage plans. Constantly updated and easy-to-use, DreamHomeSource.com is the most comprehensive source for beautiful home plans on the Web. And now with our partnership with Logix ICF, Dream Home Source is also your go-to source for the greenest and most energy efficient home plans available.

Dream Home Source has partnered with Logix ICF to bring you this amazing rebate offer!

Switch to the Logix Rebate Program

  • Logix ICF will provide a manufacturer direct rebate of up to 50% (up to a maximum of $500 per house plan) of the cost to convert a home’s conventional walls to Logix walls. Most home plans featured on DreamHomeSource.com are eligible for this rebate.
  • The modifications must be done through the modification service provided by Dream Home Source.
  • Logix ICF will send the rebate coupon to the customer within 14 days after the modification services are paid in full.
  • To receive the rebate, the customer must simply send Logix ICF the rebate coupon, together with proof of purchase and payment of the Logix products used to build the home designed in the modified home plan.
  • Switch To Logix rebate coupons are not transferrable and must be redeemed by December 31, 2016. They have no cash value.

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