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Eldorado Stone

Eldorado Stone, the world’s most believable architectural stone veneer, transforms ordinary spaces into stunning architectural statements. Creating beautiful and memorable spaces has never been easier with Eldorado Stone’s new Gemstone(TM) Walls, which are highly textural and transformational wall concepts designed to create unique stone spaces that are attainable, purposeful, and most of all, believable.

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Ply Gem Stone

Ply Gem Stone is an affordable, easy way to add curb appeal and character to your home exterior. Each piece is formed from actual stone and carefully crafted to reveal nature's best colors, unique textures, and authentic details. Add charm and beauty to your home with the look and feel of natural stone.

Stone Exteriors

For a taste of Old World charm, there’s nothing like a stone facade. Stone can play a similarly key role in the aesthetics of a home’s interior, as well. From flooring to fireplaces, stone elements—particularly when indigenous to the home’s region—blur the line between the inside and outside, and add distinction and variation from typical wood and plaster construction.

The cost of stone, however, can add up quickly. Not only is availability sometimes limited to certain regions and must be shipped to your site, working with stone often requires more labor than most other home building materials.

Many of today’s savvy homebuyers are taking advantage of the ingenuity and creativity of alternatives such as manufactured stone providers, who create cement products that look remarkably like most any type of stone found in nature—at a fraction of the price. Although they may look like natural rock to the casual observer, these products are actually formed using a broad range of molds and pigments to capture the look of sandstone, streamstone, ledgestone—even brick.

Another option some manufacturers offer is thin stone and brick that, at an approximately half-inch depth, can be placed to appear at greater depth. Also more affordable than full stone, these products can be cut to the desired shape without the need for custom molds.

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