Your Home Building Team

Have you decided to build a house? If so, you will need to preselect candidates for each of the team members you will need. Depending on your design, you will use a few or many of the team members on this list:

1. Attorney

2. Lender

3. Independent inspector

4. Insurance agent

5. Realtor

6. Appraiser

7. House designer or architect

8. Surveyor

9. Excavator

10. Footing contractor

11. Foundation contractor

12. Concrete flatwork finisher

13. Framer

14. Waterproofing contractor

15. Brick, siding, or stucco contractor

16. Electrician

17. Sound, alarm, and video contractor

18. Whole house vacuum installer

19. Plumber

20. HVAC contractor

21. Roofer

22. Insulator

23. Drywall hanger

24. Drywall finisher

25. Painter

26. Carpet and linoleum contractor

27. Hardwood flooring contractor

28. Cabinet installer

29. Finish carpenter

30. Countertop contractor

31. Ceramic tiler

32. Construction clean-up

33. Asphalt contractor

34. Sprinkler and landscape contractor

35. Gutter and downspout contractor

36. Foundation plasterer

37. Trash hauler

38. Portable restroom vendor

39. Security service

40. Fencing contractor

41. Window well contractor

42. Structural engineer

43. Concrete sawing

44. Water well or geothermal driller

45. Septic system installer

46. Landscape designer

You may also wish to include an interior decorator on your team and/or professionals involved with specialty trades, like ceiling specialties, stained glass, wrought iron, conveying systems, custom stair rail installer, steel erection, lighting or low voltage system design, and others.

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