Garage Plans

Our garage plans are designed with multiple uses in mind and can be turned into just about anything you want. For example, have you ever dreamed of having a garage... that doubled as a man-cave... that was also a mechanic’s paradise?

Stop dreaming.

Start shopping!

The garages you’ll find on Dream Home Source are different sizes, shapes, and have their own creative flare. Dream Home Source even has a special collection of plans that celebrate garages with apartments.

Whether you began with one car, but now suddenly have two... Or, perhaps you just can’t bear the thought of having one more snowflake, bird dropping or speck of tree sap hit your fancy 4-wheel pride and joy -- the time for building a garage has come! Take the first step today by finding the design for your new garage right here on Dream Home Source!

Garage Plan from Dream Home Source. Plan DHSW35697.

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