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Dream Affordable Home Plans | Cost Effective House Plans

Here’s the problem with featuring an "affordable house plans" category... Everyone has their own definition of what an affordable house plan is. Furthermore, the total cost to build a home plan depends on a whole lot of different factors, such as building location and building materials. Building a home in Wichita, Kansas with modestly priced materials, for example, will likely have a very different final price tag than building the same home in, say, San Francisco, California with premium materials. So, please take that into consideration as you browse the below collection.

One of the reasons why the below house plans have been categorized as "affordable" is because they’re smaller than most. A smaller sized home plan typically leads to significant savings in land, materials, and labor costs. Moreover, a small house plan trims away excess by streamlining the home's footprint with fewer foundation corners, reducing the number of purely decorative add-ons (like lots of dormers), and maximizing layout space inside. That leaves you with money to spend on the upgrades you really want -- like flooring and kitchen cabinets -- or, simply, to save.

If you’d prefer a more personal touch, consider buying a cost to build report prior to purchasing a house plan. A cost to build report can be especially beneficial because it takes into account personal details, like where you're planning to build and what quality of materials you're planning to select. To order a report, just click the blue "Get Cost to Build Report" button on any product detail page and follow the instructions from there. You can also call us at 1-800-447-0027. Our representatives our house plan experts and will be happy to discuss any unique quirks or difficulties you may be concerned about. Note that the price for a cost to build report is nominal and will be deducted from the price of the corresponding home plan once that plan is purchased.

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