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Dream House Plans with Ultimate Entrances

Dream Home Source’s house plans with ultimate entrances collection is all about one critical factor—curb appeal. Curb appeal can mean the difference between selling a house within a week and having it sit on the market for a year. Now, generally speaking, when you build a home—that home is your dream house. That means that it’s unlikely for the homeowner to move out of it anytime soon. So, why does having curb appeal matter? Well, for one, life sometimes throws curve balls that you don’t expect. What if, say, ten years after you build your dream home, you win a bunch of money and can afford to build a home that’s twice as big? What if you fall in love and decide to move to Paris? Or (warning: this one isn’t as fun as the last two), what if—twenty, thirty or forty years down the line--you decide it’s best to move in with an adult child who can help take care of you? In any of these aforementioned situations, you’ll likely need to sell the house you currently live in (which will be a whole lot easier to accomplish if it exudes great curb appeal).

Note: Even if you build a home now and never move out of it (as is often the case), curb appeal is not simply a marketing tactic aimed at getting others to fall in love with your home—far from it. In fact, the number one person curb appeal should impact is YOU. You’re the one living in the house—you’re the one who has to walk inside it every day… do you really want to live in a home for the rest of your life that’s just so-so-looking? Wouldn’t it be infinitely nicer to live in a home that fills your heart with pride?

As you explore the below house plans with ultimate entrances collection, remember the lifetime of hard work you’ve put in to reach this moment. Building a dream home is a tough, expensive, and, ultimately, extremely rewarding undertaking that most people never get to experience. Therefore, don't skimp on the details--make sure your new house gives you everything you want, including a huge smile every time you pull into the driveway!

In the below collection, look for stone exteriors, classical columned porticos, spectacular soaring atriums, and porte-cocheres--all designed to meet your standards of what a beautiful, grand entrance should look like.

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