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Dream House Floor Plans with Master on Main Level

Selecting a house plan with master down (sometimes written as "master down house plan," "main level master home plan" or "master on the main floor plan") is something every home builder should consider. When you build a home, it’s like getting married—the idea is to do it once! Now, is it possible to build more than one home in your life? Of course (especially if you’re a professional home builder)! But, generally speaking, if you put the time, money, and energy into building the home of your dreams—that’s the house you’re going to want to stay in for the rest of your life. Therefore, you can’t just think about the here and now. For example, at the present moment, you might be in the best shape of your life--maybe you can run a 5 minute mile and deadlift over 500 pounds. If that’s the case—congratulations! However, 30, 40 or 50 years from now, making regular trips up and down one or more flights of stairs may not be the ideal situation. Master down house plans take this concern out of the equation.

That said, maybe stairs are important to you. Maybe that separation of space is needed in your life. Even if this is the case, a main level master plan may still be your best bet. How? Because the home plans below don’t all feature a single level of living space. In fact, many feature the master on the main level and the rest of the bedrooms on the upper level. If you were to choose a house plan like this, homeowners/parents of the house could sleep on the main level, while kids (or guests) could sleep upstairs.

On the other hand, if having your master bedroom on an upper level of your house is non-negotiable—don’t worry. We have plenty of beautiful House Plans with Master Up too. If you do select a master up home plan, consider one that features an elevator. Note that elevators can be created by stacking closets on top of each other--meaning you could use the closet space for the majority of your life and then relatively easily remodel the space into an elevator shaft down the road.

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