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Dream Floor Plans & House Plans with Carport

When you'd like parking space instead of (or in addition to) a garage, check out carport house plans. A carport (also known as a porte cochere) provides a covered space next to the home for one or more vehicles to park or drop off groceries or people without going to the hassle of entering a garage. If you're dealing with a narrow lot, this is a good way to use space efficiently.

Many of the plans in this collection feature simple, modest footprints that fit nicely onto a tight lot to keep land expenses at a minimum. Others showcase splendid luxury and much larger dimensions, with a porte cochere linking the garage to the main house. Either way, a covered parking spot provides many advantages: keep the sun, rain, and snow off your vehicle.

Ranch homes and cottages offer charming curb appeal that doesn't always look right with a large garage in front. But with a carport, the emphasis is on the house and not a garage, so you get to keep the traditional feeling of the exterior without sacrificing the neighborhood-friendly vibe.

With larger, European-influenced home design styles, a porte cochere offers a slightly different function. Many of these homes do include garages, but you may also want a spot for your visitors to park. A porte cochere serves as a kind of temporary parking spot with the added convenience of being located close to the main house. This way, you can drop off kids with a minimum of fuss (or have the carpool driver stop here), or unload a big load of groceries as close to the kitchen as possible.

Vacation House Plans also can benefit from having a carport, since you probably don't need fully enclosed parking in a short-term living space. Or if you do include a garage, you may want to use if for storage of sports equipment like skis, snowshoes, pool noodles, and so on.

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