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Dream House Plans with Porches

When it comes to house plans with porches, we have a huge variety to choose from! First, you’ll need to decide what kind of porch you want. For example, if curb appeal is something you deem important, a front porch might be perfect. Front porches exude a welcoming, homey, warm feeling to family, guests and passersby. On the other hand, perhaps you’re looking for a side or rear porch. Porches presented on the side or rear of a house offer a higher degree of privacy and security. A parent, for example, is generally more likely to let a child play on a rear porch than out front (especially if there’s a fence around the back of the property). BBQs are also best featured on side or rear porches, as this space offers a more intimate setting in which to enjoy the company of family and friends.

For maximum outdoor living, select a house plan with wraparound porch. A “wraparound” porch is one that wraps around one or more sides of a house. Some wraparound porch house plans, like farmhouse home plan 430-150, actually feature a porch that wraps around the entire home.

In terms of architectural styles, Victorian and farmhouse home plans are most likely to feature a spacious and eye-catching wraparound porch, while Craftsman house plans and Bungalow home plans are more likely to sport a small front porch supported by tapered piers.

If you live in an area where the mosquitos come out in force at dusk, consider selecting a porch house plan like 927-9-- see how it features a screened back porch? A screened porch helps protect against bugs while also offering a slightly higher degree of privacy.

Start browsing Dream Home Source's diverse collection of house plans with porches today and find a design that's right for you!

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