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Dream House Plans with Front Porch

What comes to mind when you envision a home with a front porch? Nice curb appeal? Kids playing in the yard as parents lounge in a rocking chair or swing? An utter sense of relaxation and peace? A house plan with a front porch offers all of these things and more.

While a front porch can potentially be added onto any architectural style, they are frequently seen in country house plans, farmhouse home plans, Victorian floor plans, Craftsman plans, and Bungalow designs--with Victorian and farmhouse home plans typically offering the most pronounced examples. Take farmhouse home plan 430-150, for instance, and what’s the first thing you see? The covered front porch is hard to miss! In fact this particular porch would be considered a wraparound porch. A porch is considered "wraparound" if it wraps around one or more sides of the house. In the case of farmhouse plan 430-150, the porch literally wraps around the entire house! An example of a non-wraparound front porch would be farmhouse design 929-16. Craftsman house plans and Bungalow home plans typically lie on the other end of the spectrum--offering smaller front porches supported by tapered piers. A great example of such a Craftsman house plan would be home plan design 927-983.

Porches, in general—be it a front porch, rear (or back) porch, side porch, wraparound porch, covered porch, or screened porch—are usually popular in areas where people regularly embrace outdoor living—be it a beach in Florida or Southern California or a mountainous ski-lodge-like in Colorado. This is true of other outdoor living areas as well, including decks, balconies, patios, and open breezeways.

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