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Dream Traditional House Plans & Designs

What is traditional style? It depends! Every location has historical architecture that is highly specific to the area – and often more than one era is represented in the local homes. If you’re in New England, traditional might mean a classic Colonial design, like a Cape Cod home or a Salt Box. In the Mid-Atlantic states, you’ll find a lot of red brick buildings. You’ll find a variety of styles in the Southern states, from grand Neoclassical manors (think elegant columns with Classical proportions) to the narrow Charleston Row designs with lots of porches. Texas homes often incorporate stone into the exteriors. And of course the Southwest boasts a rich architectural legacy influenced by the Adobe homes of the Native Americans residing there.

So there’s no one such thing as traditional style. What you’ll find in this collection, then, is a group of homes that freely mix and match elements from a variety of historical styles. The idea isn’t to hew closely to one defined architectural movement but to create an overall feeling of continuity and timeless curb appeal.

Materials like brick, shingle, stone, and lap siding figure prominently on the exteriors of the homes, sometimes in unexpected but harmonious combinations. A wraparound farmhouse porch may grace a home that also boasts Craftsman-inspired trusses or tapered columns. Cheerful dormers often show up on these homes. And in many cases, the garage faces the side to preserve the front curb appeal. Just about the only thing you won’t see here are edgy modern homes.

Interior layouts are as varied as the style elements. Many of these designs boast contemporary open floor plans that emphasize relaxed family time. Open island kitchens provide room for cooking fun meals together, while porches and patios invite you to relax outside. Look for comfortable and private master suites, many of them on the first floor where they’re easy to reach.

Explore the traditional style home plan collection to find a design that will fit beautifully into your neighborhood and life.