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Dream Modern Farmhouse Plans & Traditional Farmhouses

Browse dreamy modern farmhouse plans and traditional farmhouse floor plans in the collection below.

Country farmhouse plans are as varied as the regional farms they once presided over. Born on hundred-acre spreads in rural America, family-friendly Farmhouse plans fit right in with suburban lifestyles too.

Classic farmhouse home plans typically feature a wide footprint, 2 stories, dormers, wood-frame construction and decorative details that exude a warm homey feel, and lots of indoor/outdoor living opportunities, such as a wraparound front porch. Built to be a gathering place for family and friends alike, farmhouse floor plans also tend to feature a spacious country kitchen with a cozy fireplace and plenty of room for a big rustic table.

Modern farmhouse plans present streamlined versions of the style with clean lines and open floor plans. Modern farmhouse home plans also aren’t afraid to bend the rules when it comes to size and number of stories. Let’s compare house plan 927-37 (a more classic-looking farmhouse) with house plan 888-13 (a more modern-looking farmhouse). Homeplan 927-37 features 2 stories and a width of 85 feet, while homeplan 888-13 offers 1 story and a medium width of 53 feet 9 inches. Which is better? Only you can answer that. If you have enough land to support 85 feet of house and prefer 2 story living, then homeplan 927-37 might be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you don’t have large piece of land to work with, or if you’re concerned that a two story house plan might make aging in place impossible, then plan 888-13 could be just what the doctor ordered. Or, consider this: you could combine a bit of both ideas with homeplan 929-16 which features a wide footprint, 2 story living, but presents the master suite on the main level, allowing the masters of the house to avoid regular trips up and down stairs later in life. That’s the great thing about Dream Home Source—we have thousands of farmhouse designs in this collection to choose from along with over 30,000 house plans across the entire site to explore, all of which can be modified to meet your exact needs.

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