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Dream House Plans with Courtyard | Courtyard Floor Plans

It’s fairly common to have a home with a porch or deck. But a courtyard? Having a home with a courtyard takes things to the next level of comfort, style and luxury.

If you frequently entertain guests, or simply enjoy quality time with family, a courtyard is a great place to host bbqs or picnics, or on which to drink hot cocoa, tell ghost stories, and be warmed by a warm fire in the fall. It’s kind of like eating a hot dog at a ballgame—everything tends to taste better when you’re outside having fun with friends.

A courtyard may also be used as a private retreat—something we all need from time to time, especially if you’re a parent or work from home. Picture having a newly built home and venturing out onto your courtyard with a good book and glass of lemonade—you could spend an entire afternoon lounging and working on your tan. What could be better than this?

As you browse the below collection of courtyard house plans, consider where you want the courtyard to be featured. For example, courtyard home plan 935-14 offers a side courtyard, while courtyard house plan 1058-19 presents its courtyard in the back. Side and back courtyards tend to be best for outdoor cooking, or if you plan to build a pool. Courtyards can also be featured at the front of the house plan--take design 453-617, for instance. Front courtyards often create unique and luxurious curb appeal. Perhaps the most unusual and luxurious courtyard type in the central courtyard—i.e. a courtyard that literally sits right in the middle of your floor plan. An example of this courtyard style can be seen in house plan 72-177 and 944-1 (this one actually has two courtyards!)

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