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Dream Victorian House Floor Plans, Blueprints & Layouts

Embrace your artistic and quirky self with a Victorian house plan. Laden with turrets, porches, and bays and embellished with gingerbread, shingles, and fanciful windows, Victorian home plans offer grand and distinctly unique curb appeal. In fact, A Victorian house plan can be interpreted and personalized in an infinite number of ways. These plans are like snowflakes: no two are alike.

Wonderfully fanciful, Victorian architecture was popular in the United States from 1875 through the turn of the century. Building advancements and techniques afforded by the industrial revolution inspired freedom—specifically, the ability to break away from simple, symmetrical box-shaped houses. Suddenly, flamboyant, head-turning architectural embellishments, like gingerbread trim, were possible for the average person to possess.

Symbolic of the free-spirited rebellion against the mundane which gave birth to the style, Victorian house plans are typically free-form and rambling. They also draw from a variety of styles from Gothic to Italianate and typically feature at least two stories. Steep, complex rooflines, as well as eaves and gable ends that sport decorative brackets or trim, are also quite common. In more contemporary designs, open floor plans and modern amenities reign supreme. Take plan 417-667, for instance. Note the open floor plan, double kitchen island, 10 foot ceilings, office space, and luxurious master suite fit with a fireplace and private balcony. Or plan 48-108, which also boasts modern features, like an open floor plan, a bumped-out spa tub in the master, and ample bonus space, while still evoking that classic whimsical Victorian charm via a turreted den and bedroom.

When deciding on a paint color for your Victorian house plan, consider one or more exuberant colors to complement the elaborate and free-spirited architectural adornments. Furthermore, be sure to let your inner child have some fun on Halloween. Victorian house plans beg to be spookily dressed up for the beloved, candy-filled holiday. Just think—a turret--a grand, super-cool feature that oozes curb appeal by day-- can morph into a dark tower of doom by night. Spacious porches are also perfect for displaying an army of glowing, grinning Jack-O-Lanterns and a warren of cob webs!

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