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Dream 3 Bedroom House Plans, Floor Plans, Layouts & Designs

When it comes to bedrooms and what’s the perfect number to have—it’s all based on your unique requirements. With that being said, 3 bedroom house plans are by far the most popular and best selling number of bedrooms. Why? Well, one bedroom will almost certainly be the master suite, the second will likely be a guest bedroom, and the third can be transformed into any room you wish. If you work from home, perhaps use bedroom number 3 as an office. Or, perhaps bedroom number three can be an exercise room. If you have or plan on having kids, bedroom number three can be a play area or an arts and crafts hobby room. Or, perhaps bedroom number 3 can simply be… bedroom number 3. There are plenty of examples of families that have 2 kids--kid 1 gets bedroom 1, kid 2 gets bedroom 2, and the parents get the master. Pretty straightforward!

Three bedroom house plans also offer a nice compromise between spaciousness and affordability. 1 and 2 bedroom home plans may be a little too small, while a 4 or 5 bedroom design may be too expensive to build. 3 bedroom floor plans fall right in that sweet spot.

In the below collection, you’ll find dozens of 3 bedroom house plans that feature modern amenities. Open floor plans, kitchen islands, and snack bars are extremely popular for parents and non-parents alike. Parents generally like such features because they allow for him or her to be doing one thing (like making a meal) while also monitoring the kids, like homework at the snack counter, TV in the family room. People who don’t have kids tend to favor open floor plans if they regularly entertain guests. Just think—if you’re having a party, you probably don’t want the chef of the house to be trapped in a closed off room for half the night.

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