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Dream Southern Style House Plans & Designs

Looking for a Southern house plan?* You've come to the right spot! As you explore the below collection of home plans for Southern living, consider what "southern living" means to you, as your opinion of what a classic southern dwelling should look like may differ from someone else’s. In general, Southern house plans exude charm, character, and welcoming curb appeal.

Architectural styles vary quite a bit in the south. The below collection presents gracious cottages, low country coastal homes, colonial classics, modern farmhouses, grand estate homes that reflect classical Greek and Roman architecture, and eclectic New American designs that dot the modern landscapes of Southern metropolises from Richmond to Atlanta, Mobile and Memphis. It’s up to you decide which type of house plan is going to fulfill your dream of southern living. But, don’t worry, we’re here to help you.

One way to narrow down the list of possibilities is to understand what each type of house plan offers. For example, a low country coastal southern home plan may be built on stilts, pilings, or piers in order to avoid floods. Therefore, if you’re planning to build a home right next to a lake, river, or ocean, a low country house plan (also called "tidewater home plan") might be the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re planning to build your new home a safe distance inland, a modern farmhouse home plan may be your best bet. Modern farmhouse home plan popularity just keeps soaring to higher and higher levels, as the style artfully melds classic, nostalgia-inspiring exterior architecture with modern interior amenities and convenience, like open floor plans and spacious, gourmet kitchens. Or, if you’re a hopeless romantic and have the budget to build a larger than average home, maybe go with a classical house plan featuring grand columns and pediments.

One common theme you’ll find throughout the below collection—regardless if you’re looking at a cozy cottage or a romantic Greek inspired estate floor plan—is an embrace of outdoor living. Verandas, lanais, and every kind of porch—front, rear, side, wraparound, covered, screened, second story-- tends to be popular with southern culture.

The best way to select a southern house plan is to browse the collection below—see what exterior architecture looks best to you, and then consider how your daily routine will fit into the interior and exterior living spaces. For example, if you love to cook, you’ll probably want a house plan with a good-sized kitchen. Likewise, if you regularly exercise at home, select a home plan that features an exercise room (or simply an extra bedroom that can be turned into anything you want!)

*This collection may include a variety of plans from designers in the region, designs that have sold there, or ones that simply remind us of the area in their styling. Please note that some locations may require specific engineering and/or local code adoptions. Be sure to check with your contractor or local building authority to see what is required for your area.

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