Dream House Plan - Cabin Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #137-295
1 1/2 Story House Plans
Love the ease of a one-story plan but want some extra space? One-and-a-half-story plans provide the right solution. What’s a half story? Usually it means that on the second level of the home you’ll find a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom, or perhaps just a loft. Bonus rooms up here can give room to expand later on when you want more space. Home designs with a half story upstairs have a rich history. Craftsman bungalow plans typically feature this configuration, placing almost all of the living spaces on the first floor but then providing a bedroom or two upstairs. Often the upstairs bedrooms are secondary ones, meaning that they would be used by children or visitors. Many of today’s modern layouts place the master suite on the main level. This arrangement (master down, other bedrooms up) works well for all kinds of different families; school-age kids or teenagers will appreciate the privacy of their lair up there, away from parents. Similarly, special guests can spread out upstairs. If the master suite is on the first floor, a one-and-a-half-story house plan makes aging in place easier. That’s because if kids move out, you can simply use the upstairs spaces for storage or visitors, while day-to-day living takes place on the main level. On the other hand, some vacation homes feature master suites upstairs in order to take advantage of the view in a scenic location. If you think that mobility may be an issue down the road, consider leaving room for an elevator shaft by stacking closets on each level (consult our modifications department to learn more). Another advantage to building a home with a half-story upstairs: it’s cheaper (land-wise) than building out. Building up instead of out is a smart move on a tight lot, especially an infill lot in the city. In this collection, you’ll find plans with versatile half-stories. Whether they include children’s bedrooms, a versatile loft/den, or even a master suite, the extra space upstairs opens up all kinds of possibilities. Craftsman bungalows feature prominently here, but you’ll also find modern farmhouses, sleek contemporary designs, cute country cottages, and more.
Dream House Plan - Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #932-253
1 Bedroom House Plans
In a world that always seems to want more, you seek the simplicity of less with the intimacy of a 1 bedroom home plan design. Good for you! One bedroom home plans work perfectly in many different scenarios, including as add-ons to an existing property. A 1 bedroom house plan, like plan #25-4286 for instance, could actually be thought of as a guest house plan—i.e. a guest house that would sit next to the main house (assuming lot space and building rules and regulations permit).
Dream House Plan - Adobe / Southwestern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1073-30
1 Story House Plans
One story house plans are striking in their variety. Large single story floor plans offer space for families and entertainment; smaller layouts are ideal for first-time buyers; and cozy cottages make for affordable vacation retreats. Among popular single-level styles, ranch house plans are an American classic, and practically defined the one-story home as a sought after design. 1 story open concept ranch floor plans (also called ranch style house plans with open floor plans)—a modern layout within a classic architectural design--are an especially trendy, practical and beautiful choice.
Dream House Plan - Modern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #924-10
1000 SF House Plans
Tiny homes get a lot of attention on television shows, and no wonder – they’re affordable to build and they get really creative with smart uses for limited space. But a 200- or 300-square-foot home may be a little bit too small for you. That’s where these plans with 1,000 square feet come in!
Dream House Plan - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #48-1031
1200 SF House Plans
So you need more space than a tiny home (cute as they are) but less than a McMansion. Something in-between, small enough to fit on a tight lot but big enough to start a family or work from home. This collection of home designs with 1,200 square feet fits the bill perfectly.
Dream House Plan - Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #923-230
2 Bedroom House Plans
Home plans with two bedrooms range from simple, affordable cottages (perfect for building on a tight budget) to elegant empty nests filled with upscale amenities. It all depends on what you need. Small house plans with two bedrooms can be used in a variety of ways. One bedroom typically gets devoted to the owners, leaving another for use as an office, nursery, or guest space. Some simple house plans place a hall bathroom between the bedrooms, while others give each bedroom a private bathroom.
Dream House Plan - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #20-2205
2 Story House Plans
2 story house plans give you many advantages. Building up instead of out presents a more cost-efficient way to build, since land is expensive (especially near a popular metro area). When you’re dealing with a tight lot, it can get tricky to fit all your living spaces within narrow dimensions if you’re limited to one story. But when you build up, the sky is (literally!) the limit. 2 story house plans often fit nicely on a narrow lot, thus maximizing your costly land purchase. Looking to build a home on a scenic or waterfront lot? Home with two or more stories make excellent use of your location with a higher vantage point.
Dream House Plan - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #938-109
3 Bedroom House Plans
When it comes to bedrooms and what’s the perfect number to have—it’s all based on your unique requirements. With that being said, 3 bedroom house plans are by far the most popular and best selling number of bedrooms. Why? Well, one bedroom will almost certainly be the master suite, the second will likely be a guest bedroom, and the third can be transformed into any room you wish. If you work from home, perhaps use bedroom number 3 as an office. Or, perhaps bedroom number three can be an exercise room. If you have or plan on having kids, bedroom number three can be a play area or an arts and crafts hobby room. Or, perhaps bedroom number 3 can simply be… bedroom number 3. There are plenty of examples of families that have 2 kids--kid 1 gets bedroom 1, kid 2 gets bedroom 2, and the parents get the master. Pretty straightforward!
Dream House Plan - Classical Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #72-818
3 Story House Plans
3 story house plans often come in handy if you’re working with a narrow lot. Why? Because 3 story plans are often taller and deeper than they are wide (not always, but the basic concept of a 3 story design, i.e. build up, not necessarily out, lends itself well to narrow lots). So, urban dwellers where lot space is usually slim, this collection might be just what the doctor ordered!
Dream House Plan - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1074-51
4 Bedroom House Plans
Even if you think a two (2) or three (3) bedroom house plan will suit you just fine now, consider that you might have a change of heart in the future. Perhaps an aging parent or in-law will need to move in, or maybe you’ll finally be able to dedicate time to a favorite hobby and find bliss in your very own workshop. Life is both wonderfully and painfully unpredictable. Dream Home Source’s collection of 4 bedroom house plans will help you prepare for the unknown and make your dream of building a home come true!
Dream House Plan - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #930-475
5 Bedroom House Plans
Whether your growing family needs more sleeping space or you want the versatility to host multiple guests during the holidays, a 5 bedroom house plan makes it all possible. Do you need simple secondary bedrooms for children or an elaborate guest suite for an in-law? How about all of the above? Many of the layouts in this collection spread out the bedrooms over two levels, often with a guest bedroom on the main level (sometimes the master suite too, which makes it easier to age in place later and provides greater privacy for the owners) and additional bedrooms upstairs.
Dream House Plan - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #923-22
6 Bedroom House Plans
Planning to build a home that will house a large, beautiful family? A 6 bedroom house plan will grant you the space you require.
Dream House Plan - Rear View - 9000 square foot Beach home
7 Bedroom House Plans
If you're looking for a 7 bedroom house plan, that means you have a large family to house, a lot of different daily activities to attend to, or you're interested in building a home as an investment opportunity. For example, a 7 bedroom house plan with big windows and sweet outdoor living areas might be great to build next to a body of water--like the ocean, or a lake. Your family could enjoy the property for part of the year, and then (assuming local laws permit) you could rent it out to other large or multi-generational families for the summer or holiday weekends.
Dream House Plan - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1066-119
8 Bedroom House Plans
Looking for an 8 bedroom house plan that will be used as a single unit? Or maybe you're interested in an 8 bedroom duplex plan? An eight bedroom triplex? How about a quadplex? We have all these variations in the below collection of eight bedroom home plans.
Dream House Plan - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #932-126
Dream ADU Plans
Dream House Plan - European Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #930-516
Estate House Plans
What’s an estate house plan? Simply put, it’s a home that offers unparalleled luxury, comfort, and opulence. Do your grown children (perhaps with children of their own) live with you? How about an elderly parent? Multigenerational families will find plenty of space to spread out in these homes. An estate house plan may include an in-law suite, a separate apartment over the garage, or another ultra-private and comfortable place for visitors or guests.
Dream House Plan - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1066-146
Luxury House Plans
Seeking high levels of comfort and accommodation? Welcome to the luxury house plans collection! Luxury floor plans combine great functionality with dazzling form - no matter how big or small. If you’re looking for a large luxury mansion plan, we have plenty of big ones to choose from. However, if you prefer a smaller plan with luxurious details, like plan --check out that master bath, the built-ins featured in the family room, and all those cool ceilings--we’ve got you covered on that front too! At Dream Home Source, we understand that luxury comes in a wide variety of sizes, styles and layouts (and, perhaps most importantly, budgets!) So, whether you're dreaming of a traditional European, Georgian, Chateau, or Italianate estate home or an understated but elegant Prairie or lodge-like mountain house, or a sleek modern oasis, you'll find a wealth of impressive options in the collection below.
Dream House Plan - Tudor Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #928-275
Mansion Floor Plans
Go big with a mansion house plan! Seriously, don’t be shy. Build a home that looks like a castle, like house plan #453-472> or #20-1731. Or, select a design that features a rec room and sports court in the basement, like mansion house plan #56-592 (note the optional finished basement)! Or, maybe select a blueprint featuring huge and lavish outdoor living space, like mansion floor plan #1058-19. Or how about a house plan with a breathtaking master suite? Take mansion home plan #48-625, for example. This house blueprint features an island in the master closet and a skylight well in the master bath. How cool is that?
Dream House Plan - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #430-254
Dream Small House Plans, Designs & Blueprints
Dream House Plan - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #23-2605
Tiny House Plans
Whether you're working with a modest budget, don't require much square footage, or wish to create a guest house, our collection of tiny house plans is definitely worth exploring!