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Dream House Plans with Master Bedroom Upstairs

House plans with master up (sometimes referred to as "master up house plans," or “home plans with an upstairs master bedroom suite”) are perfect for couples and singles who want to get away from it all. Upstairs master bedrooms provide a barrier from the sounds of everyday life—be it a noisy TV in the living room, front door deliveries that make the dogs go crazy, or groans and sloshing coming from the kitchen dishwasher. More simply, sometimes master up floor plans create a relaxing refuge to escape to. For example, if you’ve just finished a big project in the main level living area, being able to say, "I’m going upstairs to take a nap," is somehow more satisfying than saying, "I’m going to walk 5 feet over to the next room and take a nap." Why? Because going upstairs creates that extra space between yourself and whatever you were just working on. Whether it’s merely going upstairs to collapse in a luxurious master suite after a long day’s work, or taking a vacation to the Bahamas once a year, sometimes it’s just nice to physically get away from it all. Master up house plans help you do just that!

Parents of young children often prefer house plans that feature all the bedrooms on the same upper level of a house. Why? Because parents with young kids may have to get up one or more times during the night to change a diaper, deal with a nightmare, or provide a glass of water. Having the master bedroom on the same level as the other bedrooms makes these adventures easier. Furthermore, featuring guest or kid bedrooms on an upper level of your home provides an extra layer of security. For example, if the unthinkable happens and a burglar enters your home, he or she will more than likely enter via the main level—not an upstairs bedroom.

As you browse the below collection of master up floor plans, consider where exactly you want your master suite to be situated. For example, maybe you’d like your master suite featured above the garage where sounds from below would be kept to a minimum. Third level masters are also promising. In fact, if spaciousness is what you’re looking for, a house plan in which the master suite sprawls across the entire third level could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Note: If aging in place is a concern, consider choosing a master up house plan with an elevator.

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