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Dream New England House Plans & Designs

Planning to build a home in New England? If so, consider popular New England house plan architectural styles, like Colonial, Cape Cod, Georgian, Adam/Federal and Shingle. Furthermore, ask yourself where exactly within New England will your new home be built? For instance, is it your dream to build a home right next to the water in, say, Portland, Maine, or farther inland, in, say, Springfield, Massachusetts? If you’re building right next to the water, consider selecting an elevated house plan to protect against potential flooding. Also--your lot. What does it look like? Is it flat or hilly? If you’re building on a hill, consider selecting a home plan with walkout basement to maximize the indoor and outdoor living space.

Most importantly, consider your daily needs. For instance, if you have five kids, you’ll probably want a relatively large house plan. On the other hand, if you’re an empty nester looking for a more affordable house plan, a smaller design might be your best bet. Moreover, if you’re building in New England, you’re likely to get a good amount of snow in the winter. That means you may want to choose a house plan with a mudroom (sometimes written "mud room") so wet and muddy clothing can be taken off a stored prior to reaching nice carpet or hard wood floors.

In the below collection you will discover a huge range of sizes—from cozy 1 bedroom cottages to expansive mansions soaring past 8,000 square feet. You’ll also find many home plans featuring cool, modern amenities, like open floor plans, big kitchens, and luxurious master bedroom suites.

This collection may include a variety of plans from designers in the region, designs that have sold there, or ones that simply remind us of the area in their styling. Please note that some locations may require specific engineering and/or local code adoptions. Be sure to check with your contractor or local building authority to see what is required for your area.

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