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Dream House Plans for Sloping / Sloped Lots

Most people would probably prefer owning a perfectly flat lot. Why? Because this this type of surface tends to be easier to build upon. But sometimes life isn’t perfect. In fact, most of the time, life is far from perfect. Some people may only be able to afford a sloping lot, while others may be forced onto a hillside due to their love of the outdoors. Just think--if your dream is to have a house in the mountains or wilderness, for instance, this kind of area may have nothing but hills to build on. Does this mean you just forget about building your dream home? Heck no. At Dream Home Source, we understand that most people face some kind of lot challenge. That’s why we feature collections of house plans specifically designed for unique lot challenges, like a narrow width (seen most often in cities) or a slope.

The house plans in this collection are designed to turn a challenging, hilly plot of land into an asset. How? If you build a home on a hill, typically that means your home can feature a walkout basement. And, walkout basement house plans are just...well...super cool! Why? Because a walkout basement provides an extra level of living space—both indoor and out. Take hillside house plan 453-11, for example. This home design features an open floor plan and covered terrace on the main level, plus a rec room (surrounded by bedroom suites and storage) and covered lanai on the walkout basement level. If this floor plan simply featured a normal, underground basement, the covered lanai would not be possible--meaning the basement wouldn’t get as much natural light or scenic beauty. Furthermore, functionality would be limited. You couldn’t, for example, throw an indoor/outdoor party in the basement since there would be no way to reach the outside.

In addition to walkout basements, look for house plans that offer great views in the collection below, like open floor plan 1042-17. Look at all those windows! A walkout basement home plan like this would be perfect for a hilly lot overlooking breathtaking snowy mountains or rolling hills that dissolve into the sunset.

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