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Dream Vacation House Plans, Floor Plans & Designs

Vacation house plans are as diverse as vacations themselves. Some people might consider a beautiful beach in Malibu, California to be the ideal vacation spot. Others may enjoy a week or two in the snowy mountains of Colorado. Others still may simply seek a cozy cottage out in the middle of nowhere—far from work, traffic, and the daily grind.

In the collection below, you’ll discover everything from rustic log cabins to light and airy coastal homes. One common factor seen across many vacation plans is a modest size. Why? Because, generally speaking, a vacation home is used for a short amount of time when compared to your primary residence. Furthermore, a small house plan is typically a more affordable house plan. Simply put, a smaller house plan usually takes less time and fewer resources to build. Once built, a small home plan takes less energy to heat, cool and maintain. Dream Home Source offers many small to medium-sized, affordable vacation house plans because we know most people don’t have endless supplies of money lying around. We appreciate the need to work on a budget. That said… everyone is different. Perhaps you’re recently retired and finally have the time and money to live where you want when you want. That means your "spring and summer" home could be in, say, upstate New York, while your "fall and winter" abode may reside in Key West, Florida. If you’re spending an equal amount of time at each residence, each home may need to be of equal size. That’s why you’ll find house plans of all sizes below—from 1 bedroom cottage plans featuring less than 2,000 square feet to 5+ bedroom mansions.

Moreover, with regard to affordability, calling a house plan (any house plan) "affordable" is... a tricky thing to do. Why? Because, once again, everyone is different. Some people might think a $400,000 vacation home building project is totally acceptable, while others may be concerned about anything over 150,000. To get a better idea of what a particular house plan is going to cost to build, consider buying a cost to build report. This can be done by clicking the blue "Get Cost-to-Build Report" button on the plan detail page of the design you are interested in, or simply by giving us a call at 1-800-447-0027. Note that the price of a cost to build report is nominal and will be deducted from the cost of the corresponding plan price assuming that plan is purchased at a later date.

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