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Brick Exteriors

Walls, roof, windows, and doors: these are the parts of your home that serve its most basic function: providing shelter. These days, they can go much further than that, offering greater protection from the elements, unprecedented energy savings, and surprisingly little maintenance. And don’t forget: the walls, roof, windows, and doors also function as the face of your home, visible every day to visitors, neighbors, and passers-by. Fortunately, today's brick gives you all the benefits of modern building technology without sacrificing curb appeal.

Brick can withstand the force of a hurricane as well as the breath of the Big Bad Wolf. And it’s a great insulator, particularly in hot climates. While brick is always a durable and handsome choice, the 17th Century Brick collection from Boral Bricks takes it a few steps further. The bricks are cast in handmade wooden molds (as opposed to steel) which have been dusted with sand, yielding less regular shapes and surfaces and soft color variations. The effect is a pretty, aged patina that lends historic character to your home.

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