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Home Security and Alarm Systems

Making sure your new home will be secure is a growing concern these days. There are numerous steps you can take to help reduce or prevent events such as burglary or fires.

During the construction of your home is a good time to consider different security measures against burglary. One of the most effective means these days is a security system. There are many different types of systems out there at varying prices. The more expensive the system, the more features it will have. Even the most basic security systems do the job of alerting both the alarm company and/or the local authorities when a door or window seal is broken or motion is detected in the home. With a home security system, your home is 2 to 3 times less likely to be burglarized than a home with out one, according to Brinks Home Security. Also according to Brinks, in homes without alarm systems, intruders gained entry more than half the time - 52%. For homes with security systems that percentage dropped to 30%. The best time to have a security system installed is when the rest of the house is being wired during construction. Talk to your builder and an alarm company as to the best system to install to meet your needs.

Other considerations to help deter burglars are:

  • The location of windows and doors. Are they hidden from view, could they easily be broken and entered?
  • Landscaping, such as trees and bushes can both help or hinder the security of your home. Trees and bushes that provide cover from outside views or allow an intruder access to upstairs windows should be cut back. Planting thorny or thick bushes around low windows can help deter an intruder from attempting entry.
  • Adequate outdoor lighting will help keep your home secure during those night hours.

Protecting your house against fire is a difficult task, since so many different actions can cause a fire to break out. Making sure that smoke detectors are installed and are working properly is a necessary step to take to help protect your home and your family from fire danger. Often time's smoke detectors are only installed around bedrooms, but it never hurts to have additional detectors placed around the home. Most smoke detectors these days also run off electricity in case the batteries fail. Having these wired in during construction helps in the installation process.

Making sure you have adequate insurance is a great way to protect yourself from the security concerns discussed above. Unfortunately, many of the disasters, or break-ins that can happen to your house are unpredictable. Being covered by insurance makes sure that you will be adequately reimbursed.

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